Thursday, May 11, 2006

Follow the Leader 5/11/2006

From Follow the Leader:

Citizen Feedback

The Working Families Party is allowing interested parties to post on their Web site why they support the Fair Share for Health Care Act. Some highlights:

"The purpose of legislation is justice."

"My 19 year old Grandson is living alone and supporting himself. He is loosing all his teeth and has indured numerous illnesses without a Doctor's visit. He needs some kind of health care as do so many in the country without it."

"Admittedly this is not the answer to all health care problems, but it is a solid, just and necessary step along the way to universal health care."

"Corporations need to take care of their workers and not continue to pass on these expenses to the taxpayer! Add some pennies to your prices and deduct some from your profits - do the right thing!"

"This bill is a win-win for us. If large outside chains decide to leave rather than comply, smaller local businesses will be able to move into the void."

"If you can offer free health care to non-citizens then you MUST take care of our own citizens!!! Send the illegal aliens home and the money that is saved could pay for our own citizens. That is if the big tax cuts don't backrupt us first."