Saturday, November 4, 2006

Follow the Leader 11/4/2006

From Follow the Leader:

Latino Power Plays

Maybe I was wrong to sit on the fence when it came to Hiram Monserrate in September?

Monserrate will lead a Working Families Party "get out the vote" rally tomorrow, urging Latino voters to pick Eliot Spitzer on "Row E," rather than the Democratic line. Monserrate is the only elected official named in the release announcing the event, which would lead one to think that the WFP feels his future is as bright as ever.

Tomorrow will also see the return of another well-known Latino to the political ring. Along with Fernando Ferrer, musician/activist Willie Colon will take part in an uptown rally for Spitzer's campaign.

Colon is an interesting figure, since he has a tendency to cross party lines when itcomes to backing his candidates. Last year, Colon was out in front for Mayor Mike Bloomberg's reelection campaign, and this year he is publicly backing Spitzer.

Does Colon have a future in elected office? It is rumoured that he is interested in Ferrer's old Bronx Borough President seat, once Adolfo Carrion is forced out through term limits. Colon had initially run for the office in 2001, but changed his mind and ran for public advocate instead.

Though he lost that race, he did handily win his home borough of The Bronx, winning all but one Assembly district, in what was a crazy, seven-way race that saw the election of Betsy Gotbaum.