Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Follow the Leader 10/11/2006

From Follow the Leader:

Baseball Recap, Leaving The Boroughs

At the start of the season, I asked some of you for your baseball picks (look here, here and here).

So many people exhibited great courage and picked Mets/Yankees, so I'm not going to give anyone credit for that pick just yet. But as for people who stepped outside of New York to make their pick, a few are standing out. They are:

Scott Gastel, Sheinkopf Communications: Yankees/Cardinals

Rebecca Gale, communications director, Rep. Eliot Engel: Reds/Tigers.

Scott Sala, Urban Elephants: Yankees/Cardinals.

Steve Perez, organizer, Working Families Party: A's/Cardinals (best one yet).

William Weitz, chief of staff, Rep. Eliot Engel: Yankees/Cardinals.

I know my stuff.